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A technical manual on how to place and remove pegs for rock climbers, alpinists and big wall climbing

Who’s this book for?  Well anyone who may need to place, use or remove a peg, meaning big wall climbers, winter climbers and alpinists.

Someone once asked me how you went about placing a peg when climbing a big wall, to which I replied ‘just hammer it in until it doesn’t come out’. This may have seemed like a pithy answer, but at the time I thought that this was simply how you did it, after all, it wasn’t rocket science and that’s how I’d always approached the art of pegging.

But in writing this book I’ve come to the conclusion that in fact pegging is far more complex then just hammering away on a lump of steel, especially if you’re going to do it safety and without too much impact on the rock. Driven draws together the entire contents of my brain - well the bits that touch on pegs anyway - and aims to pass on a bit more knowledge than my pithy answer. It is by no means a definitive text on the subject, as the more you know, the more you know you don’t know


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  • Pages// 84 full colour
  • Production date// 2010
  • Price// Hard Copy: £20
  • Download: £10

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