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Climbing   Apr 25, 21

Do you remember your first time?

Advice on your first expedition

Rations image

Technique    Apr 21, 21


Minimalist adventure rations

Oh Shit Award #5 image

Climbing   Apr 19, 21

Oh Shit Award #5

A unique bit of frostbite

Good Ugly image

Gear   Apr 17, 21

Good Ugly

Is there beauty in the practical but ugly?

Gladius Rudis image

Gear   Apr 16, 21

Gladius Rudis

Anything at All image

Climbing   Apr 16, 21

Anything at All

Bottom image

Gear   Apr 15, 21


Note Book image

Gear   Apr 15, 21

Note Book

Expedition Mat Cover image

Gear   Apr 14, 21

Expedition Mat Cover

Back-up image

Climbing   Apr 13, 21


Wee Bottles for Women image

Technique    Apr 13, 21

Wee Bottles for Women

Stopper Knots image

Climbing   Apr 12, 21

Stopper Knots

Dead Air Space image

Gear   Apr 12, 21

Dead Air Space

A Character image

Climbing   Apr 12, 21

A Character

 Tech Tip #21.5 image

Climb Tips   Apr 11, 21

Tech Tip #21.5

Tech Tip #27 image

Climb Tips   Apr 11, 21

Tech Tip #27

Hitch Cord, VT or Open Prusik image

Technique    Apr 11, 21

Hitch Cord, VT or Open Prusik

Ovals image

Gear   Apr 11, 21


Suffer image

Climbing   Apr 11, 21


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