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Staying on the Train image Dark-Half  | Nov 12, 15

Staying on the Train

I bought some shoes yesterday, black leather boots, sort of like Dr Martins, a bit too expensive for shoes, but hand made in England, solid, like maybe they’ll last a big chunk of a lifetime, so bugger the expense.  They’ve got leather soles that once I’d recognise as having some worth, in that in a fight they’d make good weapons, good shin kickers, perhaps even the threat enough to stave of some attack after closing time.  The reason I bought these boots was I like the sound they make, solid and hard, like the...

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Boarding Card image Dark-Half  | Nov 05, 15

Boarding Card

I travel to tell my story and to make honest money doing what I love - fuel for stories to come, that search for new stories yet to unfold. I drove most of the night not for money but just so later today - and not tomorrow, or next week - when it would be so more convenient - I can wrap my arms around the woman I love, a woman who loves what I love, a woman makes me think I must be a good man to find a soul so perfect. Perhaps now, sat on this boat I...

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Poem to a Broken Rib image Dark-Half  | Nov 02, 15

Poem to a Broken Rib

A bruise no more, Where Once I felt your love press Hard, Felt its rise, Felt its flutter, Felt it die.Memory now that beating, Across the border Where only I could be felt Pressed, My heart, Morse through skin and sweat and bone Each thump a testament to what we hoped undying.That once, when kisses and tingles where enough, No need then for turbo beats, Nor sessions of Gold, Before thin times of lonely skin and bone, Before Fit-as-fuck, Before you became So Unfeeling.There, Then, close, inside, Where you twice felt it break - at the start ...

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‘Other’ Messages image Dark-Half  | Oct 30, 15

‘Other’ Messages

I saw a post on the BBC news site today that Facebook were going to axe their ‘other’ messages folder, which was news to me, as I didn’t know I even had one (I have a personal page and a page page).  Anyway I worked out where it was, clicked on it and bingo, there were a few hundred unread and unanswered messages going back over two years.  I know it’s daft but I hate to think of people taking the time to write to me and for me not to respond, and so try to...

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Poem To Black Hair image Dark-Half  | Oct 29, 15

Poem To Black Hair

What I love As we walk On my shoulder your head gently rests,  Pressing close As if to lean As if to whisper As if by accident - and only for a moment You stay Hair thick against my neck  Bramble tangle and moor wild Wool warm and mint tingle Untamed Untameable Like you.(Drawing by Sandra Kay Strait from lifeimitatesdoodles)

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Sea of Dreams Q&A image Dark-Half  | Oct 29, 15

Sea of Dreams Q&A

I just came across this interview I did for Montane after I got back from soloing the Sea of Dreams. I’d forgotten I’d done it, but there are some interesting things in it so reposting it here:Spending fourteen days on a big wall must put major demands on your body, how do you prepare for such a climb?To be honest, before I set out a few people voiced concern that I looked a little out of shape for such a venture being a bit on the heavy side (my nickname in the Valley is ‘Big Andy’). ...

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Dyslexic Goodbye image Dark-Half  | Oct 24, 15

Dyslexic Goodbye

I’m sat in a Esso garage, one of those places you only ever want to pop in and out of quickly, a place of Ginsters pasties, low quality white trash food and staff who no doubt wonder where it all went wrong.  I’ve been sat here for over an hour wondering the same thing (as I often do), not because I can’t pay for my petrol (I’m one of the few people I know who doesn’t own a car), but because I’m meeting someone who does, but seems to have arrived an hour...

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The truth of your love image Dark-Half  | Oct 21, 15

The truth of your love

I saw something about ‘ghosting’ today, the modern phenomenon where a couple split up by one side just ending all communications, and just ‘ghosting out’, something incredibly cruel for the one left alive, wondering what they did wrong, their emotions going from confusion, to sorrow, then anger and bitterness.  The term seems to have caused quite a few pieces to appear online about modern relationships, and so I thought - seeing as of late I’ve become an alternative expert on dysfunctional relationships - I’d give mine.I guess ghosting was once called ‘being dumped’, well dumped before...

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Kicked to Death image Dark-Half  | Oct 20, 15

Kicked to Death

I’ve been dabbling of late with the strange game of poetry; reading the greats (as well as listening to them on Youtube), looking at how they do what they do, doing what I seem to be good at: dissecting something complex in the hope I may see some pattern in it. It’s how I do most things, not being one to ask for advice or education, but rather break it down bit by bit.  This is how I learnt to do websites, like this this one, not by paying someone else or going to school, but by...

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Poem to a son image Dark-Half  | Oct 14, 15

Poem to a son

Who are you My son Half-way-man. Riddle. Who goes there Knock-on-wood I do Fourteen times As into that head hard I try to see, Through soft greasy hair that over once Measuring jug Eyes battened down against the suds Water elbow hot I poured. Robbed from a long emptied bath, in a long emptied house in a life I could not sustain.Who are you My son Poor Boy, your affliction Me Cut cloth, chalk marks astray— distracted —Am I a riddle to you too Love me do ya I often wonder Do I love you I wonder if you...

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