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Dark-Half   Jul 20, 15

Words Find Their Own Way

“But I tried goddammit” image

Dark-Half   Jul 16, 15

“But I tried goddammit”

Mantrap image

Dark-Half   Jul 09, 15


The Edge of Myself image

Climbing   Jul 01, 15

The Edge of Myself

Trophy to Dust image

Dark-Half   Jun 08, 15

Trophy to Dust

Breakfast on my shoe image

Dark-Half   May 29, 15

Breakfast on my shoe

Twinned with your darkest thoughts image

Dark-Half   May 20, 15

Twinned with your darkest thoughts

The Artist image

Dark-Half   May 18, 15

The Artist

Running with it image

Literature    May 12, 15

Running with it

Close to heaven image

Dark-Half   May 11, 15

Close to heaven

Painkiller X and Painkiller Y image

Dark-Half   May 08, 15

Painkiller X and Painkiller Y

Exped Asshole image

Q&A   May 07, 15

Exped Asshole

The Code of Me image

Dark-Half   May 05, 15

The Code of Me

Feeding the addiction - Podcast image

Dark-Half   May 03, 15

Feeding the addiction - Podcast

it’ll be good for you! image

Q&A   Apr 15, 15

it’ll be good for you!

Strange eventful history image

Q&A   Apr 14, 15

Strange eventful history

Close to the Bone image

Q&A   Mar 27, 15

Close to the Bone

Phantoms versus Spantiks image

Q&A   Mar 23, 15

Phantoms versus Spantiks

The Boat image

Dark-Half   Mar 20, 15

The Boat

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