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31 December 2008

Eiger limestone

Had a terrible night - probably due to being knackered. Kept waking up with a song in my head (common stress tick). And the usual wanting to piss (now my cups broken I dont have a pot to piss in. Worst off all the anchor i’d secured the bivy tent to kept ripping - plus I has the Zip of stones coming down all night (it does seem very warm).Snow was forcast today so I led the first three pitches and left my ropes fixed and Zoomed back to my...

below the Harlin

31 December 2008

Opinion: below the Harlin

Finally bivied below the first pitch of the harlin (eiger direct). Feel tottaly bolloxed after a real slog of an approach with 70kg of gear (did it in relays, breaking the load into 3 for the 200 metres up to the first real climbing). The face looks amazing and from the bottom you can see right up to the exit cracks on the 38 route. Not been a very...

Eiger dreams

30 December 2008

Opinion: Eiger dreams

So here I am at the eiger at last and it looks just as scary/amazing as last time. Only now I’ve got a haul bag full of currage and anough food for 10+ nights on the wall. Carried in what felt like a 100kg sack close to the base and hopefully will get underway in the morning. I sort of can’t wait![Posted with iBlogger from my iPhone]

4000 Pull Ups

21 October 2008

Technique : 4000 Pull Ups

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