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Dark-Half   Sep 30, 14


Empire State image

Dark-Half   Sep 27, 14

Empire State

Hertz image

Climbing   Sep 24, 14


Jumping the Bar image

Climbing   Sep 22, 14

Jumping the Bar

Man on the Moon image

Climbing   Sep 19, 14

Man on the Moon

Moving together as a four image

Q&A   Sep 09, 14

Moving together as a four

Getting fat - getting (reliantly) skinny image

Dark-Half   Sep 07, 14

Getting fat - getting (reliantly) skinny

In the bag - clothes or not image

Climbing Q&A   Aug 30, 14

In the bag - clothes or not

The thing that scares me image

Dark-Half   Aug 22, 14

The thing that scares me

The Cosmonauts Prayer image

Dark-Half   Aug 14, 14

The Cosmonauts Prayer

And the sun shone image

Dark-Half   Aug 04, 14

And the sun shone

4000 metre layers image

Gear   Jul 17, 14

4000 metre layers

Petzl Micro Traxion image

Gear   Jun 25, 14

Petzl Micro Traxion

Mountain Quilt image

Q&A   Jun 24, 14

Mountain Quilt

Cobwebs image

Dark-Half   Jun 03, 14


Alpine Scrounging image

Q&A   May 18, 14

Alpine Scrounging

The Monkey’s Call image

Dark-Half   Apr 30, 14

The Monkey’s Call

The Choice image

Dark-Half   Apr 17, 14

The Choice

The Lesson image

Dark-Half   Apr 08, 14

The Lesson

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