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6 pm curfew


6 pm curfew

I want to you try this thought experiment: I’m sure you’re a supporter of Black Lives Matter. 

If you consider that the vast majority of knife crime and murders are committed by black men in London, why not institute a 6 pm curfew? Or, if you consider the hundreds of people killed in terrorist attacks in the last ten years have been killed by Muslim men, why not intern them, as well as close down all mosques? 

How about we just suggest it, it’s a thought experiment after all, but don’t literally mean it? 

Do you think the black community or Muslims would just congratulate us on our point, and say, “well if you put it that way, I’ll stop killing people”? 

The reason we don’t suggest this is it's totalitarian, fascistic, inhuman and dehumanising, it's also a rejection of the moral and legal foundation of a functioning society. But we didn’t mean literally it people will say, no, you didn’t, but plenty of people thought you did, and they think it’s a great idea. This is how Kristallnacht started. I know we’ve lost a great deal of ground in the respect in the last year, that each member of society is now treated as ‘infected’, and put under house arrest, as well as infected with some original sin due to their race, but If you allow hysteria to view 32 million people in a nation as suspect, of being potential rapists and murderers, wife beaters, what charge could be laid against the other 32 million, women who lose their minds and kill their children for example, or use other psychological violence against men? Yes, men kill women, but I’d wager that women kill more men, but only in ways that are much harder to measure. 

But hey, maybe they deserved it, if not them, then men in general. 

I doubt any of what I’m saying will make sense to most people because almost everyone has been infected by a mind virus which makes the most inhuman of ideas seem noble and correct these days, shiny and new when really they are dark and evil and as old as time. 

Why are we so clumsy in these things? All I can think is that damage is the real intent, that we listen to damaged people who only want to burn the world down.

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