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Tech Tip #15

September 18, 2019

Losing a headtorch can seriously fuck up your day, even lead to enforced benightment. The number one reason to lose a torch is general clumsiness, the torch springing off your helmet when putting it on, most often the result of thinking it’s on when it’s not (always get your partner to put your torch on for you, and visa versa). Another way to lose a head torch is when puling a sling over your head, or when you get bashed on the head by a dumper trick of snow in the dark (you might not lose your footing, but you might lose your head torch). One way to avoiding this happening is to attach a small keeper cord to your helmet, using either a 2 mm cord or 2.5 mm bungee, tying in one of those microwire gate clips to it (thumb-sized). Tie the cord into the back of the strap, forming a small loop, and clip the karabiner into this loop when you don’t need it. When putting on the headtorch you can clip this off to a strap chin strap, or tie a loop of 2 mm through two vent holes near the back of the helmet. A final option, if you’re struggling to get your head torch on, is to just wear it under the helmet (one good reason for having a slim headtorch).

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