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Tech Tip #27

April 11, 2021

Reading Time: 216 minutes.

If you’re doing a weekend car camp, and don’t want the hassles with preparing dinners – perhaps you’re sick of pasta and pesto – here’s an option borrowed from sea kayaking, i.e. it’s is not a lightweight option. Make a batch of food that will feed everyone for a short length of time, say a long weekend. Go for food with a reasonable level of water content – curry being the obvious one – and a one-pot meal, such as biryani, or a pasta dish. Once cooled, decant the dinners into the same size/style of container, one container for each complete dinner; one per night. Leaving the lids off, press one container onto the other, so one meal becomes the lid of the other, only putting the lid on the final meal, thereby creating a stack of meals. Now stick the lot in a freezer. When you’re heading off, stick the meal stack – which is like a frozen Indian ‘tiffin*’ stack – in an insulated freezer bag, or cool box, or simply wrap it in an old sleeping mat. Each meal helps to keep the meals around it cool, and the whole stack will stay frozen for longer than you’d think, and so is perfect for a long weekend, or even a week.

*Main image is of a Tiffin box.


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