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February 23, 2021

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No faux-bravery from @jabig. Bravo!

"February is almost coming to an end & I cannot wait for it to be done. This month, I got five different requests for interviews from cycling media or podcasters to talk about...being Black on a bicycle. This will come across as news but Black people don’t walk around or cycle around thinking that we are Black. It’s the world around us that points that out with its behaviour towards us. The only thing I mostly think about when I am on a bicycle is "I am free!" or "I am tired" or "Where in the world am I gonna pee because it’a pressing!" Not... "I am so Black! In all area codes!

I am so Black, I am so Black" to paraphrase that @ludacris hit of yesteryear LOL. So when the media only hits me up in February just to discuss my race, all you’re conveying is that the only thing interesting about me is talking about being a victim. At least if you asked about the good things about being Black on a bicycle & you’d quickly realise that it’s no different than when one is not. And the irony is that the media is contacting me particularly out of all the Black people that cycle because it knows about my cycling adventures.

But the most interesting thing to discuss is how racism affects me on a bicycle. It does but I don’t always want to talk about it. I ride bicycles to partially escape that BS. Why don’t you interview White cyclists during Black History Month what they are doing to be anti-racist? If you did, things would get weird & awkward very quickly. So why not realise that it’s actually cringy when the only thing you want to discuss with Black cyclists is being Black? This is probably a big eye opener but everyone knows that the said subject is Black! Don’t feature Black cyclists in your media because they are Black.

What we are asking is to not feature Black cyclists in your media because they are Black. I am sure that I have pretty much shot myself in the foot & will never hear from any media outlet ever again but I don’t ride bikes to be in the media so we’re good LOL. Plus the ones that get it know that I am not talking about them so I don’t care. I wanna talk about cycling when interviewed by cycling media."


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