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January 20, 2021

Fake faces, with fake lips, fake eyes, fake skin. Fake words. Fake compassion. Fake empathy. Fake concern. Fake drugs. Fake degrees. Fake jobs. Fake careers. Fake enthusiasm. Fake pensions. Fake friends. Fake profiles. Fake communities. Fake headlines. Fake history. Fake ideas. Fake politicians. Fake enemies. Fake outrage. Fake economies. Fake money. Fake stock prices. Fake companies. Fake brands. Fake futures. Fake fashion. Fake celebrities. Fake blockbusters. Fake music. Fake pop stars. Fake wealth. Fake fear. Fake food. Fake health. Fake advice. Fake followers. Fake comments. Fake art. Fake promises. Fake outcomes. Fake reality, everywhere and in everything, corrupting everyone and everything. If the 20th century was the century of the self, the 21st is the century of fake. Fight it if and when you can.

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