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January 29, 2018

Saw several reputable adult newspapers reporting on a 53% pay gap between men and women at EasyJet - news that is designed to push the pay gap engender further - how the world is so nasty and unfair. Yet again I feel I need to put my hand up and ask a stupid question. Does this not simply reflect the fact that men - who like things - dominate the high skill high paying jobs (pilots, engineering), while women dominate the front end - dealing not with things - but human beings (I’d have thought women outnumber men as well?). “Oh but women can’t be pilots or aeronautical engineers” I hear the cries - to which I must reply - respectfully- bullocks. A commercial pilot and aeronautical engineering are two of the toughest career choices anyone could pick - and personal choice - more women want to be vets than pilots - is the factor at play. Actual meaningful equality is achieved - has been achieved - by women who got off their arses and do engineer degrees, not gender studies. I wish people would just see this constant onslaught of schoolyard logic (that feeds off people looking for scapegoats for life’s often brutal slap) nothing but journalists strip mining society for click bate.

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