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December 20, 2014

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Hi Andy
Just wanted to share a few thoughts with you. I was at the talk in Dublin and really enjoyed it, having read your books and blogs. Don’t worry I’m not stalking you.

I wanted to come a long and see the show. I suppose we all have heroes. And it got me thinking what that meant when l finally got to shake your hand and speak to you.

We only exchanged a few words ( you were being cajoled into more photos with the two girls from the rescue team). And in that moment l got to meet one of my heroes.

Afterwards travelling home l thought about what l had seen at the show and what it mean’t to meet you in person. Now doubt you have probably met your heroes and given it some thought.

For me,I suppose we all have compasses in us that keep us heading in a direction that works. Coming from a working class industrial background , my compass after school took me up drain pipes, across scaffolding and into abandoned buildings. My compass never pointed in the direction of the teacher, but out of the window. That was not to say l did not cross paths with some fantastic teachers. My compass keeps me looking out of the window of today. And my adventures are contained within the evenings and the weekends.

Along the way, each day l return to the wall of the everyday.

Your writing has inspired and took me to places emotionally and visually. And so l came to your talk a little bit in awe. It was funny my girlfriend was with me and she could see it. When ever we are on a hard difficult adventure, we ask ’ what would the kirkpatrick do?’. And there your were on the stage in front of us.

Hero’s? I suppose we all have them. What my inner compass recognizes more than anything, is getting to the top off the climb is not the most important, , it’s taking the first step in the right direction. And fighting for each step.

At your talk, l got to see not only a great climber, but a great father and speaker.

I suppose you could say a hero of sorts.

It was great to meet you.



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