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Hook for Ladder

August 22, 2018

Reading Time: 15 minutes.

A war is often lost on tiny details, the nails for horses shoes etc. This ‘Hook for Ladder’ made by Krukonogi is just such a tiny detail. It only costs about $10 but allows you to quickly attach a fifi style hook to an aider (I use either a @metoliusclimbing pocket aider or Fish alpine aider), with a piece of 4mm cord attached to your harness via the small hole in the hooking part (I sometimes just have a small loop attached and clip in my lead or haul line). This allows you to do a free move off an aider, and then have the aider just lift off as you climb on (no reaching down off a crimp), or for you to trail the aider, and just pull it up and place it in a piece when you need it. It works really well with the one aider, one lanyard method, and the last time I climbed the Nose this is all I used (it’s a fusion of a very old style of aid, which a very new style). Yes, it’s not going to win you any wars, but on some routes, it’s $10 that might avoid a battle!


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