Marieke Vervoort

24 October 2019

Marieke Vervoort

Take one life

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I had a period in my life when I went to a lot of para events, and so I saw Marieke Vervoort around, always with her dog. Her story can be viewed as being tragic – because it was – but it was also heroic, like tragic lives can be.⁣
⁣Each of us is given our measure of life and left to do with it as we wish. A few gobble it up all too quickly, while others just spill it onto the floor. Some bitch that others got more than them, and so never make the most of what they were so lucky to have, but most ration it, save it for a rainy day, only to find – at the end – they have so much leftover.⁣
⁣But Marieke, she was only given a spoonful, but did not spend her life considering how unfair that was; she made a feast of what she had, and made it last as long as she could.⁣
⁣[ Belgian Paralympian, Marieke Vervoort, ended her own life through euthanasia at the age of 40 on October 22, 2019 ]


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Andy Kirkpatrick
Andy Kirkpatrick

Andrew Kirkpatrick is a British mountaineer, author, motivational speaker and monologist. He is best known as a big wall climber, having scaled Yosemite's El Capitan 30+ times, including five solo ascents, and two one day ascents, as well as climbing in Patagonia, Africa, Alaska, Antarctica and the Alps.

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