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December 31, 2017

This is my @gsioutdoors Fairshare mug, without a doubt the most abused bit of kit I own. It’s been up El Cap 8 times, done a week on the Eiger North Face, visited Patagonia, Antarctica, Norway, and spent 6 months on the road. From day 1 its handle was sawn off so it would fit inside an @msr_gear reactor stove, an @alpkit titanium mug fitting inside this - Russian doll style. The loop is for clipping it in on portaledges and for hooking in your thumb. The big strange patch is where a 2-inch hole was melted into the side by an XGK - then remelted and pasted over. The top used to have a lid but it had so many knocks and melted spots it no longer fits. @fortybelowltd make a nice neoprene cover, great for winter trips - to keep your tea warm, but new versions come with an insulated cover. The size of this mug is huge, a cross between a bowl and a mug, meaning it’s good for drink and food and the measure is great for nailing the right amount of boiling water for your dehydrated food. It’s also good for pissing into. Every time I use this cup it makes me think how quick we are to replace the ripped, the worn, the torn, the battered and the bent (and melted). We’re hooked on the new. And yet the stuff that’s most beaten up, that we don’t just throw away - ignore friends advice to chuck - that has something money can’t buy. History - even a simple mug.

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