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22 June 2016

Pot Advice

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Hi Andy - no, not that kind of pot - cooking pots, titanium, do-it-all solo cook pots. I came across your great site while looking for that one pot that can do everything. I'm interested in the Snow Peak Trek 700 (which brought up your site) and I was wondering if you still rate it, or has something superceded it in your affections? I'm looking for something that'll work on a little DIY pop can alcohol stove (or a remote canister stove in winter), and is big enough to rehydrate a meal actually in the pot, yet small enough to act as a mug for drinking too. What do you think, any recommendations?

Blimey, watching that Sinead O’connor video brought back some memories...(schoolboy fantasies mainly, but what a voice!).

Pete, Scotland


The small pan I use these days (I think that article is about 16 years old!) is the Alpkit MytiMug 400, which makes a very good mug (at a good price) but can also be used as a pan (it has a lid).  I nest one of these inside a GSI Fairshare mug with its handle cut off (it has a hole drilled in the top with some 2mm cord to clip it off when on big walls), the two then fitting into my MSR Reactor. 

Alpkit Mytmug

I find this a great system as hot water can be decanted into the two cups (you can use the Reactor pan like a big cup), which are large enough to promote hydration, plus they both make great snow scoops (I avoid scooping snow with reactor/jetboil pans as getting snow into the bottom increases Carbon Monoxide levels, which is already high with these ‘rapid’ style burners).  The GSI cup also has a measuring scale on the side which is very handy for getting the correct ratio of water to freeze-dried food (if you’ve removed it from its heavy packaging), and for sharing out food!  The small size of the MytiMug also means you can hold it over the flame to warm up food (you’ll need to hold the handles), saving your primary pan (best to keep that for water only), but being titanium watch out because food burns more quickly in these thin pans (thinner metal = less heat distribution). 

Hope that helps!

Note: If you'd like to ask a question - no matter how dumb - then email me and I'll try and help.


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Andy Kirkpatrick
Andy Kirkpatrick

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