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Raising Ships

January 16, 2020

Sorry about radio silence (well for me!) of late, bug hunkered down putting the words and images together in Adobe Indesign, which of course is one of the last pieces of the bookmaking puzzle, but which, only being 20% of the project, often takes 80% of the time (getting all those words and images coraled in one place). I often think doing layout is the ideal job for someone who is autistic as the level of precision is incredible, and the reward (when you’re on the spectrum), of having a group of text blocks and graphics all at x-166 mm and not x-166.3 and x-166.2 is worryingly high, although the need to have a project like this 100% right (100% to that autistic standard), is impossible, and would take a year to do (like life though, when you try and make one thing perfect, you know something perfect into imperfection, of that tide that raises the standard sinks more ships than it lifts).

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