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Running with it

May 12, 2015

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This week I finally sent off the PDF files to the printers for Me, Myself & I, having faffed around for six months with them (my deadline was September 2014!), in no small part to the help of my mate Andy Cherry , who took time out of his finals to finish the files.  The long wait for people to see a hard copy (all should have had an iBook/PDF version long ago) is maybe the drawback for me with Kickstarter/Indigogo etc, as although my head wizzes with ideas, only a few get started, and even few finished.  The worst thing about unfinished projects that people have actually stumped up the cash for it that they’re like a log jam, for some inexplicable reason I can’t finish them, but I also can’t move on - not helped by being forever sidetracked (meant to be doing my tax right now - not writing this for example).

Anyway, the first route I tried to climb during the first stage of Me, Myself & I was a one day solo of Leaning Tower in Yosemite, getting closer than I realised.  That was in June, and in September I was back and ended up climbing it in under 12 hours with Andy Cherry (yes the same Andy Cherry) and Stephan, two guys I’d never met until the day before (blog post about our climb here).  Anyway nice short Vimeo film here from that climb:

When you write books and blogs and articles, like these unrelenting daily Cragmanship posts, you often wonder if it ever goes anywhere - if anyone is taking what write and running with it - not just day fillers for people at work, eating their tea or taking a dump.  Well, this week I guess things went full circle when I got an email and pictures from Szu-ting from Taiwan:

Hi Andy,

Just want to drop you a note that I really enjoyed your book and appreciated that you spent the efforts to write it! I did my first big wall solo on May 6th (west face of Leaning Tower). It’s not a difficult route but I felt a great sense of accomplishment. I also read your Hook and Driven manuals now I’m trusting cam hooking. 😊


So I guess some do!


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