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January 9, 2009

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I was looking for a machete this week for Patagonia as I’d heard there’s quite a bit of bushwacking, finding places to camp as you kayak down the coast.  Then Ben Saunders emailed me this link to the signature Bear Grylls knife from Bayley Knifes.  Now everyone from Ray Mears to Lofty Wiseman has these signature products these days, so I got in touch with Nalgene who agreed to put some hard R&D cash to come up with their first signature product - the AK WII system. 

This is what I said on their website.

“I have had so many enquiries about what kind of piss bottle I consider best for all-round performance. Well, I have tried so many different ones during the filming of Winter Patagonia, Cold Haul and my new Eiger film, and if I am honest, none of them was quite right. So instead I have teamed up with John Dribble of Nalgene USA and together we have designed what I believe to be the most versatile, tough and practical piss bottle available anywhere today.”

Andy Kirkpatrick - Britain’s number 1 alpinist

At the moment these are limited edition of only 4000 pieces (each stamped with my signature), and available only through this website and Blacks, Millets and Famous Army Stores for only £49.68 (plus £12 p&p).

If you’d like an insight into how to use my new WII system then check out this article.


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