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Three Rules

June 1, 2020

Reading Time: 16 minutes.

“Why don’t you make your points clearer when you write. If you did you’d not make people so angry as it’s not easy understanding what you’re saying”. Got this advice today, along with some tips when replying to the outraged:

  1. 1. Remain dignified.
  2. 2. Remember who you are.
  3. 3. Answer people’s comments - no matter how nasty - as you would face to face.

Great advice, and advice I’ll try and hold onto when told to go read the Sun or Daily Mail for the hundredths time. But as for clarity, I’m less sure, the best writing, the best anything, is that which is open to interpretation, the filmmaker, lyricist, writer respecting the audience’s intelligence - think Transformers vs Spirited away - both about good and evil - both cartoons of a sort, only one with the intellectual sustain of thunder, the other, that of cheap firework. But we’re now living in a binary Bush’ism age, of “with us or against us”, which means when there is nuisance there is doubt, and when there is doubt people don’t take second chances like they once did. They simply attack.


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