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1000+ Tips for Climbers

1000 Tips For Climbers is aimed at anyone who hangs off stuff, or just hangs around in the mountains. It’s not an instruction book, but more a massive collection of all those little tips that make a real difference.

These tips are based on thirty years of climbing obsession, as well as nineteen ascents of El Cap (3 solo ascents and one days ascent), Alpine North Faces, icecaps, scary climbs and expeditions.

For a more extreme taste of this book, imagine an alien came down to earth, stuck a straw in a climber’s head, one who’d been climbing for about thirty years, and proceeded to suck out their brain; then transmogrified all that it contained in to a 57,000 word book of climbing tips.

Well, this is just such a book!

I000 tips covers the following areas:

Basics (1-240) The first part of the book covers a wide range of subjects, varying from how to best rope up and stopping your boots from stinking, to racking your gear correctly and how to sleep in a harness. This section is designed for both novice and experienced climbers.

Big Wall (241-347) Written for anyone tackling large multi pitch climbs, with advanced topics such as jumaring, hauling and speed climbing. These tips will be an aid both to those new to multi pitch climbing, as well as the more experienced climber.

Ice (348-370) Tips on all aspects of ice climbing, including movement, protection, ways of approaching mental strength, and not falling off!

Mixed (371-392) How to use your tools on snowed up rock, and focused primarily on Scottish and Alpine winter skills.

Mountain (393-694) If you’re not a rock climber then this section has a lot of tips on living and staying alive in the mountains, be that in the UK, Alps or greater ranges.

Safety (695-785) The name of the game in climbing is staying alive, and coming home in one piece. This section covers loose rock, rescue, dealing with heat and getting caught out.

Training (786-863) A wide range of tips on strength and endurance training and diet for climbers.

Stuff (864-2017) A mix of esoteric, such as how to rap off a fifi hook, what books to read, how to get sponsored and going to the toilet.

I bought this from my local climbing wall after being very impressed when I thumbed through it. This isn't your usual instructional book, which I usually find quite dry and difficult to read. It's full of bite size tips that actually sink in. I'm currently training for an alpine trip in the short term with a big wall on the horizon, and while this isn't a full blown training manual like training for the new albinism, it's full of the tips that would take many years of getting it wrong to learn.All written in Andy's usual comical-yet-informative style. A great read and worth a place on any climbers book shelf!


ISBN-10: 1910240532

ISBN-13: 1910240532

Publication date: 30 April 2013

Publisher: Vertibrate

Print length: 192

Style: Softback (colour)

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