The Complete Descent Manual for Climbers, Alpinists and Mountaineers


Down is a ground breaking encyclopaedic study of the art of descent. Its purpose is to create a single source for all descent techniques, both the well established and ideal for the novice climber, as well as the cutting edge, high value techniques for experienced and pro climbers.

The book was written and illustrated over three years by award-winning climber and writer Andy Kirkpatrick (Psychovertical, Cold Wars, 1001 Climbing Tips, Higher Education), and is based on four decades of epics, retreats, and F**k-ups.At 80,000 words (400 pages) and 300 illustrations, this is both a labor of love and an important and timely book for a community that loses far too many climbers to rappelling accidents.
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“ "This book will save your life" ”

Pete Whittaker (Wide Boyz)

ISBN-10: 1999700570

ISBN-13: 978-1999700577

01 July 2020

Andy Kirkpatrick

420 pages

Paperback, hardback, Kindle

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