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Higher Education

Higher Education is the ultimate big wall and aid-climbing manual. Bible thick (480 pages, 200,000 words), this book is not for the faint of heart, being one of the most detailed climbing books ever written, crafting a book that will be of value to the expert, the novice, or simply the vertical ‘train spotter’.Based on over 50 big wall ascents, including 35 ascents of El Cap, Andy Kirkpatrick spent three years writing and illustrating the book, a book that has already helped many climbers achieve their big wall ambitions.The book covers all the core big wall subjects: including psychology, placements, leading and hauling, but also advanced techniques and climbing big walls in the greater ranges or winter. The only area not covered in Higher Education is soloing, as this is covered in my previous book ‘Me, Myself & I’.

ISBN-13: 1999700597

Andrew Kirkpatrick

478 pages

Softback (B&W)

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