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Me, Myself & I

Me, Myself & I draws on fifteen years of experience on these solo projects, as well as nearly thirty years of general climbing experience, to bring the most specialised big wall instruction book ever written for climbers. Rope soloing will be undertaken by less than 1% of climbers, yet these skills open up the potential for the equivalent of an 'Iron Man' for climbers, to scale the biggest walls - alone and safely.

How this book came about...

Climbers have been asking me for years to write more about the dark art of rope soloing, and I’ve tried to cover some aspects on my blog, plus coached others by email. But what is needed is a more in-depth manual, that covers every aspect of the big wall solo, as well as comprehensive and clear diagrams - something I’ve never been able to do for free content.

What does the book cover?

The book will be by far the most in-depth instructional big wall roped soloing book ever written.

Although aimed at roped soloing, the book will cover many, many subjects that cross over into rock climbing, alpinism and mountaineering - as well as the training and psychology involved, making it relevant to anyone who has an active interest in these areas.

Like many of my books this will not be a dry and dull book but will try and bring the spirit of big walling into every page, covering what you need to know, as well as my own and other stories to inspire you.


ISBN-10: 1545122253

ISBN-13: 978-1545122259

Publication date: 20 July 2014

Publisher: Akreative

Print length: 256

Style: Colour Paperback

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